Douglas Montgomery

Senior Advisor,
Content Strategies

VP, Data/Category Analytics

Douglas Montgomery is a 15+ year veteran of the Entertainment Business. His time with Warner Bros. was spent analyzing, and living the incredible changes from the VHS era, to DVD and finally Streaming. Montgomery’s team of Global Analysts helped Warner Bros. key partners manage these changes to provide the best experiences for all stakeholders.

Doug is former Chairman of the Japan America Society of Southern California, a 112-year-old Non-Profit operating in California. During his time as Chairman, he founded and produced the successful Japan Connects Hollywood Film Festival. Doug earned an MBA from The University of Southern California (Dean’s list) and a Bachelors of Commerce from The University of Alberta.

Doug lives with his wife and son in Torrance, California.

Areas of Expertise

  • Emerging media
  • Content Strategy
  • Content monetization