Michael Greeson

Founder and Principal Analyst
Founder and President, The Diffusion Group; Senior Vice President, Screen Engine/ASI; Senior Vice President, Parks Associates

Michael founded Aluma Insights in 2022 and serves as principal analyst. In his 21 years of research and analysis in the broadband and pay-TV spaces, he has designed more than 90 national quantitative studies and authored/co-authored more than 150 reports on the diffusion of broadband media and its implications.

In 2004, Michael founded The Diffusion Group, where he served as President and principal analyst. In 2019, TDG was acquired in 2019 by Screen Engine/ASI, where he served Senior Vice President. In 2022, Michael reacquired the two-decade library of TDG research, which serves as a solid foundation for advancing his work at Aluma.

Michael earned an MA in Interdisciplinary Social Science (with distinction) from the University of Chicago, in which he blended studies in social theory and philosophy. Prior to Chicago, Michael completed a BA in Philosophy (magna cum laude) from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Michael lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.