Vibha Pant

Research Specialist, Data Analyst

Senior Research Analyst, Targetbase

Vibha is a researcher with a passion for data and insights derived from that data. She excels in designing and executing surveys (both online and offline)- from questionnaire design to survey data processing and analysis. She has an extensive knowledge of analytics, a willingness to share technical knowledge, sheer attention to detail, and solid client focus.

Vibha has an MS degree in Market Research from the University of Texas at Arlington, and also holds an MBA degree in Human Resources. Vibha is ESOMAR certified.

Her enthusiasm for sharing information does not stop with adults. Ten years ago, Vibha co-founded Kogics, which provides a fun virtual environment for kids to learn math, programming, and art to further their chances for success. She developed the sales/marketing strategy for the software Kojo, and writes Ebooks. Vibha lives in India and speaks both English and Hindi.

Areas of Expertise

  • Survey design, development, and analysis
  • Quantitative data analysis using SAS, SPSS and Excel
  • Advanced Statistical analysis
  • Consumer profiling
  • Customer Segmentation Research
  • Predictive modeling
  • Multivariate Analysis Techniques