Aluma Insights Launches U.S. Operations

On April 21, 2022, research consultancy Aluma Insights opened for business in the U.S., serving companies throughout the home-media value chain with actionable intelligence on evolving consumer behaviors and market dynamics.

Aluma was founded by Michael Greeson, a 21-year veteran of the broadband and connected-media spaces. Mr. Greeson formerly served as Senior Vice President of Parks Associates, before founding The Diffusion Group (TDG) in 2004. TDG was acquired by Screen Engine/ASI in 2019 and, after three years as Senior Vice President at SEA, Mr. Greeson founded Aluma Insights LLC, which is located in Old Town in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“Aluma Insights incorporates the lessons I’ve learned over two decades of working with many of the most innovative and successful companies in the connected-media industry. It was clear to me that today’s industry lacked a robust yet affordable product with timely consumer research filtered through the market acumen of seasoned industry veterans. We’ve designed precisely such a package but charge 40-50% below competing firms. It’s a win for us and our clients.”

Aluma is staffed by veteran researchers and market luminaries with decades of experience in home media and interactive entertainment, among them Mike Fischer (a 30-year veteran of the videogame space) and Doug Montgomery (a 25-year veteran executive with HBO), both of whom are speaking at NAB Las Vegas this week. On April 26, Mike will speak with executives from Roblox, Oorbit, and Genvid Technologies on the future of metaverse and immersive digital experiences That same day, Doug will share his thoughts on the ascent of foreign content in the U.S. and around the world.




About Aluma

Aluma creates actionable intelligence on the home-media consumer and the value chain that serves them. Via expansive syndicated consumer research and streetwise business acumen, Aluma delivers the most robust research subscription in this space, all for an unbeatable price. We invite you to rediscover what a cost-effective research program can be.

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