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Will Streaming Bundles Start Requiring Long-Term Contracts Like Cable? The Streamable May 2024

How Important Will Sports TV/Streaming Be 10 Years from Now? Media Post June 2024

How Big A Market Does Venu Sports Need? MediaPost May 2024

New Disney-Fox-WBD Sports Streamer May Hurt Pay TV Sub Counts  TV Technology – May 2024

Spulu and ESPN DTC Could Sink Pay-TV Operators  Next TV – May 2024

Disney, Fox, WBD Sports Streamer More Likely to Attract Cable Customers Than Cord-Nevers  The Streamable – May 2024

Virtual MVPDs Are A Secondary Programming Source, Aluma Study Finds  Next TV – May 2024

On-Demand Surpasses Live Viewing among Broadband Users  The Streamable – April 2024

Vevo Teams with Kerv Shoppable TV Ad Formats  eMarketer – February 2024

Netflix’s Ad-Supported Option to Reach 13 Million in 2024  eMarketer – February 2024

Shoppable TV Interest Rises But Nascent Format Needs Exposure  StreamTV Insider – January 2024

Interactivity, Shoppability, New Formats Make Their Way to CTV Advertising in 2023  StreamTV Insider – December 2023

Democratizing CTV Ad Buying  TVRev – November 2023

Viewers Still Chase Content But “New to Me” TV Gains Traction  StreamTV Insider – November 2023

One-Third of Free TV Streamers Watching SVOD Services Less Because of Free Alternatives  Insider Intelligence – November 2023

Ad-Supported Streaming Users Are Spending More Time Watching Favorite Free Streamers  The Streamable – October 2023

40% of Free TV Streamers Upped Viewing Time in Past Year  MediaPost – October 2023

20% of SVOD Users Resubscribed to a Service They Previously Canceled  NextTV – September 2023

Streaming Users ‘Hopping’ Services Up 143% Since 2017, Study Shows  MediaPost – August 2023

Super Bundles: Streaming’s Next Strategic Move?  StreamTV Insider – July 2023

Consumers Look Ready for Streaming Bundles  StreamTV Insider – July 2023

A Growing Number of Cord Cutters Are Cutting Costs by Canceling Streaming Services. Are You?  Cord Cutter News – July 2023

More Signs of Streaming Cutbacks – Time to ‘Super Bundle’?  MediaPost – July 2023

Peacock raises prices as more consumers plan to cut streaming spending  StreamTV Insider – July 2023

65% of Users Would Pay $50/Month for a Bundle of Their 5 Favorite Streamers  The Streamable – July 2023

35% of US Consumers Now Looking to Make Service Cuts  Next TV – July 2023

Xfinity Peacock Charge to Boost Subs?  Advanced Television – June 2023

Half of Ad-Supported Netflix Subscribers Find the Ad Load Heavy   Media Post – April 2023

Report: 66% of US Consumers View Netflix as Essential Service   The Streamable – March 2023

What Hollywood Really Thinks of Netflix’s Password Crackdown   Variety – February 2023

PadSquad brings digital interactivity to CTV Ads   Fierce Video – March 2023

Most Viewers Pick SVOD Over Linear When Show Is Available On Both  Media Post – February 2023

Report: 70% of Streaming Viewers Who Clicked an Ad Bought Product as Ad-Supported Streaming Continues to Grow  The Streamable – January 2023

Will Subscribers Really Leave Pay TV if All Games of a Major Sport Shifted to Streaming?  Media Post – November 2022

Only 8% of Pay TV Subscribers Would Cancel Service if Their Favorite Live Sport Moved Exclusively to Streaming  Cynopsis – November 2022

Only 8% of Legacy Pay-TV Subscribers Would Cut the Cord If Favorite Sports Went Streaming Only  The Streamable – November 2022

Live Sports May Not Be That Big a Driver of Pay-TV Subscriptions  Next TV – November 2022

Netflix Director Rodolphe Belmer Resigns from Board  Fierce Video – October 2022

Welcome to the World’s Most Saturated Streaming Market  Next TV – October 2022

Analysis: Economy Fears Impact US Home Entertainment Spending  Advanced Television – September 2022

Over 25% of U.S. Households Cut Streaming, Pay TV in the Past Six Months   The Streamable – August 2022

Survey: 26% of U.S. Households Trimmed or Tossed an SVOD Service in Last Six Months    Fierce Video – August 2022

 The Ascent of Foreign Content in the United States   DEG Online – June 2022

Mature U.S. SVODs Facing Saturation   Advanced Television – June 2022

 Netflix Starts Cracking Down Harder on Password Sharing   TechDirt – March 2022

 Netflix Could Actually Lose Money in the U.S. with Password-Sharing Fee   Next TV – May 2022