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Aluma offers a comprehensive and cost-effective membership in which companies pay a single fee for an entire year’s worth of research & insights. Publications include at minimum:

  • Primary research studies of US adults that enjoy a high-speed broadband connection at home, representative of more than 85% of US decision-makers and their households. Recent examples include:
    • ‘App Hopping’ Behaviors of SVOD Users  evaluated the use of 40+ SVOD services, recent additions and cancellations, prevalence of nine app hopping behaviors including the regular use of free trials and promotions without subscribing, watching a single season or show then cancelling, return subscribers, and much more.
    • TV Viewing Habits of Free TV Streamers  assessed the use of 38 free on-demand and ‘live TV’ streaming services, their contribution to TV viewing time the impact on other services, and how users view the quality of content and other experiential characteristics. 
    • Benchmarking the Connected Consumer – quantified the presence of video and non-video personal and home electronics used, including location and connectivity throughout the home. This study has been ongoing since 2011.
    • Trends in Pay TV & Broadband – examined the types of high-speed internet and pay-TV services used in the broadband home, including the use of value-added services. This study has been ongoing since 2010.
    • Subscription Streaming Video – analyzed the use of more than 40 SVOD apps within the home and quantified freeloading, tenure, satisfaction, proclivity to cancel/add services, and an analysis of weekly TV viewing time by source and device, among other topics. This study has been ongoing since 2012.
  • Reports analyzing consumer research and market trends. Recent examples include:
    • TV Viewing Habits of Free TV Streamers, Part Two – User Thoughts on Content Selection & Ad Loads
    • TV Viewing Habits of Free TV Streamers, Part One – Weekly Viewing, Services Used, ‘First Glance’ Rankings 
    • Assessing the Prevalence of App Hopping Behavior
    • Retail Membership Bundles – Next-Gen Streaming Aggregators?
    • The TV Ecosystem of the Broadband Home
    • The Communications & Home Entertainment Expenses of US Households
    • Foreign Content & the Ascent of Netflix
    • SVOD Password Borrowing
    • Shoppable TV Ads
  • Additional deliverables including weekly charts, advisory hours, and more.

For more information about Aluma’s membership program, please email us at info@alumainsights.com.