25% of US broadband households poised to buy new TV or ancillary TV device during the holidays

According to research* from Aluma Insights, 25% of broadband households will “definitely” buy a new TV or ancillary device during the holiday season.

Televisions top the list, with 17% of decision-makers who “definitely will buy” between November 2022 and January 2023. Game consoles and streaming players fall second and third on the list (13% and 10% respectively poised to buy).

Who are these “definite” buyers?

    • Late Millennials and Gen Zs (43% and 38%, respectively, set to buy)
    • Black and Hispanic adults (35% and 34%, respectively)
    • Households with annual incomes between $100K-$149.9K (32%)
    • Urban dwellers (38%, compared to 18% of suburban and rural dwellers)
    • Cutting-edge tech adopters (66%)

“It’s not at all surprising younger adults are more likely than their older counterparts to buy new video devices for their homes,” said Michael Greeson, principal analyst at Aluma. “But other factors are more interesting, such as the dominance of Innovators and urban dwellers that carried through each of the devices we tested.”

Buying the latest-and-greatest devices is a key characteristic of the tech-adept Innovator profile, and one-fourth of urban dwellers are Innovators, several times the rate among suburban and rural residents. As well, urban dwellers over-index on young adults 18-34. The overlap of the three provides a rich target for advertisers and vendors.

Santa may be hanging out in Portland a bit longer than he expected.

*Featured data is from a late-October 2022 survey of 2,011 heads of household that subscribe to a residential broadband service.

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